Native of the South-west of France, after strarting out In Bordeaux, Denis Autefault settled in 1992. in Caribbean: first in Guadeloupe on the Basse-Terre and then St. Barthélémy.

His meetings with local architects, renowned designers and a demanding clientele have allowed him to shape his original own style:

  • To go to the essential, the natural to sublimate beauty sites and the lights
  • To look for elegance, sobriety while preserving a timeless touch
  • To give off an atmosphere of serenity, a Caribbean lifestyle

In recent years his style has been exported beyond the Caribbean islands, to France and Africa.

Drawing on his experience, for nearly 30 years in the Caribbean, his demanding choices of furniture adapted to the climatic conditions of the islands, Denis Autefault has created an innovative concept for his customers with his partner factories.

  • Secure purchases directly from factories
  • Total transparency with copy of purchase invoices
  • Advice on choice, Trends and order tracking